My mantra, for many years has been ‘be the love, see the joy’


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February’s Oil of the Month: JOY

February. It’s always been my least favourite month, initially because in school I struggled to spell it, and then also because why did it have to do the leap year thing, especially when I had a friend who’s birthday fell on February 29th. It was always, to me, a pretty bleaugh month. You know, just dull, nothing special happened in February, and it was just far enough after Christmas and the New Year for all that to have been forgotten about, but still it is ages until the spring comes.

And then there was Valentine’s Day, which whilst not a fully-blown holiday in Britain like it is here, still causes a stir, and not always a positive one.  Valentine’s Day for singletons can be painful, especially newly divorced ones. So, yeah, February was always pretty meh.  Its only saving grace was that it was mercifully short.

And then, 22 years ago, on February 24th, 1997, my lovely dad died.  He died suddenly. He was not supposed to die that young, at the age of 63, especially without saying goodbye. Losing him, it turns out, became a defining moment of my adult years,  and it felt as if the roof had come off of my house, my world, and that I was suddenly incredibly vulnerable, without my protector.

So, February held its place, firmly and forever, at the top of the Worst Month of the Year league for me.

Enter… Joy.

Each February, I like to try and invite joyful things into my world so that this month does not hold the same grip on me. It’s the month I for sure get out my Happy Lamp, if it’s not out already. I buy tulips, and marvel at their simplistic beauty. I take baths, and naps and treat myself with compassion, whilst remembering my dad fondly. And this month, be sure that I will be diffusing Joy pretty much every day, blended with orange, which is also a very uplifting oil for me, and allowing it to infiltrate my senses and elevate my mood.  My mantra, for many years has been ‘be the love, see the joy’, and this month I invite you to also inhale it, bathe in it, and trust it to lift you up.

Yours in joy,