Instructor Focus: Matt Cyrulnik

We love our incredible Breathe instructors! They give so much of themselves each and every time they teach and bring their own unique style and wisdom to their mats, as students as well as teachers. We have so enjoyed getting to know them all a bit better and in order to help you do the same, we asked them each a handful of questions...

Q: What brought you to your mat for the very first time?

breathe yoga_instructor_matt cyrulnik.png

“My wife and I had a very busy business in downtown Ann Arbor. Our time was completely taken over by work and kids. After our adjustment into parenthood, we finally committed to join the YMCA and start a journey into Iyengar Yoga. The practice of Iyengar helped me build a strong foundation in both alignment and use of props.”

Q: What do you find the most fulfilling part of teaching yoga?

“The unity. You can feel the energy in the room start to align once the breath is synchronized.”

Dynamic Power Flow with Matt on Thursdays at 5:45 pm is awesome! Matt instructs with great detail and always encourages us to try new poses that bring out a higher level in every yogi. -Jeff K

Q: What is your favorite posture and why?

Tadasana/Mountain Pose. I'm 6'4" and have slouched most of my life. This vertical posture allows me to focus on my alignment and reverse my years of hunching. My 2nd favorite would be Sirsasana/Head Stand. Same thing, different perspective.”

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