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Featured Students: John & Irene Ruthven

Featured Students:  John & Irene Ruthven

We love our fabulous Breathe students! We enjoy getting to know them a bit better each time they come to the studio and are delighted to share some insights on their yoga experiences. All of our students are an integral part of the Breathe community and we are happy to count John and Irene Ruthven among them.

Featured Student: Amy Busch

Featured Student: Amy Busch

Amy joined us right from the very start, in July 2015 during our open house weekend, “I was so excited to have a yoga studio open up here in Chelsea” she says, since which time she has spent a total of 580 hours (and climbing!) here on her mat! Amy is almost always one of the first students to arrive in the morning - she walks to the studio after her kids leave for school - and, along with Janine, has assumed the role of Meddy Teddy’s carer and personal coach, putting him into new and often very challenging poses in the front window :)