Featured Students: John & Irene Ruthven

We love our fabulous Breathe students! We enjoy getting to know them a bit better each time they come to the studio and are delighted to share some insights on their yoga experiences. All of our students are an integral part of the Breathe community and we are happy to count John and Irene Ruthven among them.

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John and Irene have been coming to the studio since the beginning.  I remember them stopping by and chatting one day.  I learned that Irene, who is from Calgary, formerly practiced Ashtanga over in Dearborn near where they worked and John, a Michigan native, then began his practice as well.

This adorable couple has been married for 19 years.  They are self-proclaimed ‘dedicated yogis’ who usually practice together and can frequently be seen for early morning Ashtanga and Sunday Morning Montage. We are so happy they are part of the Breathe community.

What keeps you coming back to your mat?

Irene: “The practice is always a positive experience, self promoting, you always feel awesome when you come out of yoga - more so than running, swimming, almost any other activity - no matter what the yoga is, you always come out better.”

John: “Sports in general have kind of wrecked me - but yoga has enabled me to gain some of my flexibility and relieve injury. I don’t hurt myself in yoga. Breathe instructors are careful about not letting you overdo it.” 

What do you enjoy most about Breathe?

Irene: “What I like most is the focus on breathing. Instructors are teaching it more and people are doing it more. The variety is good - trying different things - alignment for example. There is a great blend of community and practice. The showing up - the support among students - we all need that.”

John: “The instructors and the space - I look for serenity in my practice and some of the other places I’ve been too weren’t really offering that sense of inner calm. I favor instructors that have a more peaceful offering. We love that there’s a great mix of students - men and women, and younger people. I also love the brick wall! I use it for my drishti.”

How does your yoga support your life outside the studio?

Irene: “Obviously dealing with stress and too much sitting, (they both have full time demanding jobs in IT and Automotive Engineering - chair jobs in other words) - and yoga supports our other sports - skiing, boating, cycling, rambling. Breathing discipline is important to integrate into our lives outside of the studio.

Outside of work we spend a lot of time together, and
yoga is a great common interest and a means of bonding for us.” (These two roll over to face each other after savasana.)

Would you like to share your experience with the Breathe community? I would love to hear from you!