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Carol Morrow


I began my practice of yoga in 1992 with a mat and a yoga book. I was practicing the poses while at home raising my two very young children. I didn't know much about yoga back then, but I did know that I felt great after a yoga practice. It was beneficial for relieving stress and tension, and it helped me relax.

After many, many years of practicing yoga from books, dvds, and attending yoga classes, I signed up for Breathe Yoga's very first Yoga Teacher Training in Chelsea, MI in March 2019. I wanted very much to pass on this wonderful practice and help other people benefit from it. I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teaching Certification in May 2019.

As a yoga teacher, I focus on relieving stress and anxiety using a peaceful approach, calming body and mind experience, and a safe space. With an even keel, gentle levity, and quiet strength, this practice is accessible for all levels.

With heartfelt thanks to all of you yoga teachers who have shared this magnificent journey with me (and you all know who you are )…

Love, peace, & light