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Catherine Franklin


It was more than 10 years ago when I rolled out my mat for the first time. I knew immediately after taking my first class that I was going to be forever changed by the experience. Yoga challenged my mind and body in ways that I never imagined and, with dedicated practice, I have grown strong and confident within the four corners of my mat. The beauty of yoga is that the change taking place during practice carries through to every aspect of our lives. Through breath and movement, stillness and silence, there is awareness, mindfulness and most importantly… acceptance. Yoga is a gift. My passion in life is to share this gift with anyone open to receiving it. In 2015, I completed the 200 hour RYT certification under the direct instruction of Brent and Sheri Rieli, founders of the Plymouth Yoga Room, who share nearly 40 years of experience between them. My training is based on the system of Ashtanga yoga, where rhythmic breath is the foundation of a strong, balanced practice. Yoga has taught me how to experience life joyfully by embracing both the opportunities and challenges, ultimately unlocking the true potential within myself. The best way that I know how to share what I’ve learned is by guiding students through a rewarding class that promotes self-awareness, compassion and growth and it all begins with simply breathing and letting go.