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Christine Law


Christine has practiced yoga for over 20 years beginning with videos and cassette tapes when yoga classes were almost nonexistent. She graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Parks and Recreation, emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation. The study of play has always been her passion. She enjoys helping children and families to find to the joy of playing and educating on the benefits that it brings to children and adults alike. She also knows the importance of connecting with nature for well being. She brings these important elements into teaching preschool and will bring it onto the mat in teaching class. She teaches at Triangle Cooperative Preschool and has been able to introduced children to the great outdoors, learning through creative play and centering with yoga fun.

Christine trained at Yandara Yoga institute in Baja Mexico. She has learned from her own personal experience that both yoga and spending time in nature can help with grief and assist us during other times of struggle. She is continuing to explore the ways to share the healing and growth that yoga can bring.