Dianna Kause

The first time I learned of Yoga, I was an adolescent growing up in the small town of Chelsea, MI. I was instantly intrigued by this peaceful, calm, non-judgmental lifestyle. But living in a rural area did not provide the opportunity to become part of a yoga community. As an adult, I took the yoga recreation classes when offered, but putting it into practice consistently, proved to be a slow process. In 2011, I was able to commit to yoga, and am thankful every day that it is part of my life.

As a parent of a twenty-three year old son and a twelve- year old daughter, I experienced the value of exposing children to yoga principles, as early as possible. Recognizing that I wanted to be part of the process, moved me to become a certified Childlight Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, through Breathe Yoga Studio in Chelsea.