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Meraiah Browning


My first yoga class was a mindfulness and yoga for teens workshop when I was 17. After the first class I fell in love, starting to use yoga as a way to cope with anxiety and depression, eventually coming full circle, teaching the same class three years later. I believe in the healing and nurturing effects of yoga, having a steady and supportive feel to my classes.They are highly alignment and breath based. Focusing on the moving meditation and mindful aspects of yoga. I have been practicing since 2015 and got my 200 hour training certificate in 2016 through Tiny Buddha Yoga in Ann Arbor. After practicing there for two years I decided to explore different studios and teachers all around where ever i worked or vacationed. Visiting over 60 studios and practicing with over 100 different teachers I learned Vinyasa style yoga, Iyangar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Areial yoga, Baptise yoga, Hatha and power yoga, eventually finding my love for Yin and slow flow in 2017 and later went on to take my Yin teacher training. Yoga brings calm to the craziness and constant change of life. I hope to share the wisdom, compassion, and peace that yoga has brought me with all of the yogis that I meet.