Introducing our fab desk staff!

Assuring you of a warm welcome, answering your questions and and helping you find the class schedule that’s right for you.


Dianna Kause

In addition to instructing yoga classes, I am also part of the desk staff. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with each and every person who enters the studio!

Rosanna (Rosie) Beale


Rosie is Sue's daughter, and has been working at Breathe for two years. As a member of our studio's fantastic desk staff, Rosie is always available to help schedule classes or consult clients. Her favourite part about her job is getting to be a part of such a loving community, forming strong bonds with regular students and introducing others to the studio. (Her least favourite part is being told she looks just like her mum - only kidding!) Rosie will be attending University back home in England, but will be back in the studio during holidays.


Carly O’Neill

I’m a senior at Chelsea High School, and a dancer at Ballet Chelsea. I was introduced to yoga by my mom, LeAnn, and I’ve since grown to love both the practice and atmosphere at Breathe. To give back to the Breathe community, I joined the desk staff over the summer of 2018; it has been an immensely rewarding opportunity. I hope to see you there!

Saige Rutherford

Saige has lived in Chelsea for 26 years (minus a few while away at school). She works in Psychiatry at the University of Michigan, predicting cognitive and clinical behavior from brain images, and is passionate about communicating scientific findings to the public. Check out for links to publications & blog posts. Practicing yoga at Breathe has been a way for Saige to reconnect with her roots and the beautiful Chelsea community.