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Sue Whitmarsh - Owner

Lead Instructor and Owner, Breathe Yoga

Every single day I am grateful for what I do. What I call my job is actually a gift. It never feels right to say I’m going to work, and this is, in part, how I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, that this is my dharma, my purpose, my Ikigai.

After initially trying yoga, as many people do, as a new form of exercise about 10 years ago, I found I kept returning to my mat as a refuge; a place of safety, peace and serenity. It offered me so much more than a purely physical practice, bringing me a sense of balance and calm that I can honestly say I had never felt in all my adult life. Soon, my practice began to teach me to be kind to, and accept myself, so, when the idea of training to teach became a whisper in my sub conscience, what drove me to listen was the need I felt to assist others in their journey toward inner peace; by holding a safe space for them in which to feel what they need to feel, and develop a positive, compassionate relationship with themselves.

I taught locally for a couple of years after completing my YTT, and then the dream to open my own studio was realized in the summer of 2015 when I partnered with my good friend Marie Brooks, and Breathe Yoga was born! Now, as the sole owner, I could not be prouder to present my Team: a group of brilliant instructors and staff who are nurturing, knowledgeable and always willing to assist in our students' journey to wellness. My own classes are primarily centered upon integrating mind and body through harnessing the power of the breath, engendering love and self-compassion, and with only a sense of celebration of what the body can do, never any focus on what it cannot. It is my deepest, deepest pleasure to welcome you to Breathe.