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Stress Away - Young Living Breathe Yoga Chelsea, Michigan

We wholeheartedly embrace and advocate for the use of premium, high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living to promote an excellent level of health and wellness, and eradicate chemicals and free-radicals in our homes and workplaces.

These two ancient healing arts blend so beautifully together to enhance your senses and your world! When used in conjunction, we can amplify the positive effects of yoga in terms of purifying, energizing, and relaxing the body and mind.

Essential oils are diffused and shared in some, but not all classes. We also have a small array of oils and Young Living products available for purchase at the studio, including the Essential Oils Pocket Reference Guide, lip balm, hand purifier and lavender lotion. Monthly AromaFlow classes and Intro to Oils classes are offered regularly.

Every so often, we will feature a favorite oil, and share lots of ideas of how to use it including in cooking, cleaning, health, and personal care. If there is a particular oil that you are interested in, or if you'd like to be added to our oils interest group, please stop in or email me at


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Sue Whitmarsh
Young Living Advocate
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