Ava Butzu

My first experience with yoga was dabbling in Iyengar 15 years ago, but I felt it couldn’t hold my attention. As it turns out, my monkey mind needed the practice to calm and focus it, but I didn’t realize it at the time. Yoga became vital in my life when I started experiencing back pain in my early thirties. I found my way back to the yoga through Ashtanga-based vinyasa yoga, this time for the physical practice. And just as many of us discover, the practice of asana is a door into mindfulness and peace. Over the next 14 years, it has become vital to my physical, emotional, and spiritual self. As the sages say, “it’s never too late to start over or to begin anew.” I’ve been a lifelong teacher of high school English and journalism, but at the age of 47, I went back to school for myself, earning my RYT200 in the summer of 2018. And now I have the honor of teaching others the practice that has fueled my love of life and healed my body. I’m grateful for the opportunity to teach at Breathe.